🎹 Learning to Play the Piano - Annamaria's Story

Sonny Drinkwater on November 14, 2019

We are always truly overwhelmed by the help you guys show on the platform. It's amazing to see people offering help with exercise, gardening or even hamster-sitting.

For Annamaria, she used Helpfulpeeps to learn how to play the piano, an ambition she couldn't pursue for a long while ...


I first came across Helpfulpeeps through an advert on Facebook, and clicked the linked because I was curious to see what it was about. As someone who’s not a fan of using social media platforms to meet people, I found the idea and value behind this app to be a genuine one. I trusted it and decided to give it a go.

My first request that I posted on Helpfulpeeps was to practice my brisith sign language. This request received more responses than I imagined I’d get and so I went ahead and met with two different girls who I practiced with a few times. Unfortunately we didn’t maintain contact afterwards but I am really grateful for the help and support these people gave me and would love to do it again sometime.

My second request on Helpfulpeeps was asking for any helpful souls to help me learn how to play the piano - a dream of mine for a long while. I received one response for this but this was all that I needed. Every Sunday I met for an hour with my teacher and, in exchange for homemade Italian dishes, I learnt how to read music and developed techniques to learn and improve my piano playing skills.

My teacher and I had the chance to get to know each other better - the music we like and certain interests we have. Sometimes we even go to gigs or music events together, or we have an Italian lunch prepared by me. I can definitely say that I not only learnt how to play the piano on Helpfulpeeps, but also gained a friend.

Helpfulpeeps is a great place to put requests or adverts asking for help, or offer your services to someone else - but it doesn’t end there. There is great opportunity to meet people and a chance to make friends without having having the pressure of other meeting or dating sites - everything just flows more naturally.

Sometimes we can succeed or fail in asking and giving help, but it is good to know that there is always a safe space where there are people ready to give a hand and people that can benefit from your help and experience.

It is good to create a sense of community and relations that go beyond the virtual reality, because what we really need today is the real presence of the other to defeat the modern world’s problem of loneliness.