😁 Lauren's Sign Language Story

Simon Hills on March 12, 2018

It was my new year’s resolution to ‘pay it forward’ more often and give back more. One of the reasons for this is because I was ill the last 1.5 years and required a lot of support without being able to give much back myself.

I stumbled across helpfulpeeps.com whilst looking for ways to help others and loved the concept of people sharing experience/knowledge. I wanted to get involved.

When I saw a post for help with BSL I felt I’d be able to give Jen the help she needed and would get a lot of enjoyment from it myself. She also said she could help with dog walking which is something I struggle with due to illness so it seemed like a perfect ‘swap’.

We had our first sign language session today and it went really well, it turns out we are the same age, with similar professions and interests and I’m really looking forward to us helping each other out and getting to know each other