💫 Helpfulpeeps is Evolving to Support Causes

Saf Nazeer on December 05, 2019

We want to share with you an exciting update coming very soon. We will cover a little on what we’ve achieved together to date and how we'll be improving the platform massively over the next couple of weeks.

A quick recap…

Over the last four years, we’ve grown to almost 250,000 members across the UK. The generosity you and other like-minded peeps show each day fills us with joy here at HQ. No matter the request, offers are flying in at a higher rate than ever. Now, 9 in 10 members receive at least one offer from a neighbour. It’s brilliant!

Earlier this year we noticed more and more members posting requests for jobs that were larger in scale and accompanied by an offer of payment on the day. We listened to your desires and in April 2019, we gave you guys a secure way to pay each other for the help you received.

Some parts of this we liked - giving you the chance to be rewarded for help that went above and beyond seemed to resonate with many of you. It also allowed us to sustain the platform by taking a commission on completed requests. The path to making Helpfulpeeps sustainable is directly tied to the help you guys give and receive and we can only thank you for doing that.

Yet ... with all of these changes, we felt our identity slowly becoming muddled. Favours sometimes limited the amount of help someone could ask for, and paid requests didn't seem to align with our core values of generosity. We were first and foremost a community of generous and helpful people which is exactly the kind of community we want to create.

So c'mon then. What's the latest?

We’ve been working hard to develop an effective way to allow the help of you good eggs to be as impactful as possible. In a dream world, we’d do so in a way that still provided a path to sustainability for us here so that this community can live on long into the future. The best news? We believe we’ve found a way!

Over the next week or so we will be updating the platform to merge favours and paid requests in such a way that every help completed results in funds being raised for some of the world's most important causes (with an initial focus on charities focusing on Animals, Arts & Culture, Children, Community, Education, Environment, Health and Human Rights).

Let us clarify …

From now on money earned on Helpfulpeeps goes directly to a charitable cause of the helpers choosing. Instead of earning money for yourself, we are inviting you to extend the scale of help you provide to those who are in most desperate need. A completed activity on Helpfulpeeps now gives you the chance to help the homeless man outside the local supermarket; save the life of a young child in Africa; or reverse climate change. Your help not only benefits someone within the community, but also has a measurable impact on an issue you feel passionate about. Upon completion, the funds earned will be batched and sent directly to your chosen charity.

We are super excited about this update and we hope you will be too.