🐶 Finding Boo A Dog-Sitter

Simon Hills on March 12, 2018

It was a simple request that melted the hearts of dozens of Helpfulpeeps members...

"I have a pug called Boo and have to go to the office a couple of times a week - would anyone be able to look after/walk her as she gets lonely - Thanks" 🐶

Boo pug

And so many of you offered to help Boo! :) Here is what Boo's owner Rob had to say...

"I met a few people who were happy to look after Boo, both of which are now Boo sitters. The other good thing is that one of them was looking for a new flat, as was I, so we decided to team up and are now looking for a flat together, so I've also found a new flat mate.

Your website is a brilliant idea and is full of genuine people who want to help without personal gain - so refreshing. Thanks to you guys