šŸ˜‡ Alison's Circle Of Karma

Simon Hills on March 12, 2018

My first Helpfulpeeps experience was great, a friendly guy called Steve came and helped me out.

I had totally underestimated what would be needed - I honestly thought it would be a 10 minute job. 2 hours later, Steve had to go and I had to get back to work. There was a lot more prep than Iā€™d thought (long story), and bless him Steve went above and beyond doing this for me, but we also had a really nice chat at the same time. He was a great example of someone offering help with absolutely no expectation of anything in return and I really appreciated what he did for me (I did bake the brownies for him though!)

In the circle of karma, it turned out I was able to help someone over Christmas! And what was nice about that was that I felt comfortable leaving my garden gate unlocked for her to pick up the table and lock up afterwards (I was on my way out when she contacted me), because of the whole concept behind helpfulpeeps (plus Iā€™d got a good feeling from her messages)

Helpfulpeeps is a brilliant idea, congratulations! I am spreading the word as far as I can. Having relatively recently moved to a new area, it felt good to have a bit of a connection with other people who have this positive community spirit. In these dark times, we really need this.